Project 2020:

'Sky, You Are Too Big'

Artists for International Migrants’ Day

Organised by Quotidian – Word on The Street, artists from Italy, South Africa, South Korea, Romania and France who have made their homes in Northern Ireland will come together for ‘Sky, You Are Too Big’, a special showcase event for International Migrants’ Day on Thursday 17 December at 7pm

Created by the United Nations in 1990, the theme of this year’s International Migrants’ Day is #WeTogether – we learn together, create together, work together, sing, dance and play together. Featuring music, poetry, theatre, dance and visual art from a variety of international perspectives, the aim of ‘Sky, You Are Too Big’ is to reflect on the experience of migration and the enrichment of diversity in renewing and changing Northern Ireland.

Artists participating in the online event include soul singer-songwriter Siobhan Brown, visual artist and printmaker Wilhelmina Peace, visual artist Frederic Huska, sound artist Una Lee, poet and playwright Nandi Jola, multi-disciplinary artist Dragos Musat and poet and activist Viviana Fiorentino.  

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