earth  A collaboration between science and the arts, at the IFGS at QUB with literary arts production company Quotidian. 

 What is the earth project?

  • the start of something big
  • artistic interventions to inspire and connect the IFGS and the wider community within and beyond QUB
  • creative interventions with students and staff
  • experiments between artists and scientists
  • enhancing the environment and working context of the School of Biological Sciences and through the arts, to make it an even more attractive place to work and study, celebrating its open, dynamic, progressive and authentic commitment to its core mission
  • creating connections to the wider public, to the upcoming generations of students, and finding innovative ways to share science with the wider public, with children and  young people

The Once Barefoot poems, a 2020 Poetry Jukebox curation on climate and environment are being relaunched in the context of the earth project.

Look out for more  details on the Earth Project’s new Poetry Jukebox curation, which will be available soon!

Launch event details: