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Poetry Jukebox 'Star Gazing' is live!

Poetry Jukebox 'Star Gazing' is now moving to Ballycastle Seafront Park!

Find out all about the poetry jukebox

Project 2021:

'The Revolution is in The Heart'


They shoot in the head,

but they don’t know

the revolution is in the heart…

Khet Thi, (Myanmar)

Poetry Jukebox Curation at the EPIC Museum Dublin and the Crescent Arts Centre Belfast

This project is part of an international collaboration between Irish PEN/PEN na hÉireann, Belfast-based company Quotidian – Word on the Street and Ondrej Kobza, the inventor of the Poetry Jukebox in the Czech Republic, and is a curation for International Imprisoned Writers Day. This curation for Poetry Jukebox includes translated works by international imprisoned writers Varavara Rao (India) (VR), Ilhan Sami Çomak (Turkey) (ISC), Perhat Tursun (Uyghur poet, China) (PT) and Paola Ugaz (Peru) (PU).  Khet Thi and K Za Win (KZW) were killed by military forces in Myanmar in 2021. Poetry Jukebox is curated for Irish PEN/PEN na hÉireann by Lia Mills and Maria McManus.

The work of our imprisoned writers, or homages to them is read by the following: Tishani Doshi, June Considine, Gabriel Rosenstock, Nidhi Zak/Aria/Eipe, John O’Donnell, Caroline Stockford, Theo Dorgan, Liz McManus, Paula Meehan, Lia Mills (Irish PEN)
Kate Ennals, Joshua L. Freeman, Aziz Isa Elkun,  Stephen James Smith, Catherine Dunne, Neil Hegarty, Evelyn Conlon, Pádraig Hanratty, Cathal Póirtéir and Siúan Póirtéir.

Irish PEN/PEN na hÉireann aims to promote literature in and about Ireland both nationally and internationally, to defend worldwide the right of writers to responsible freedom of expression as defined in the PEN Charter and to foster international understanding through the appreciation of literature.

Supported by: Arts Council of Northern Ireland from National Lottery Funds


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Project 2021:

New Short Film: 'BIND'

Duration: 20 mins. Producer: Quotidian-Word on the Street

BIND is a collaboration between choreographer Eileen McClory, poet Maria McManus, composer Katie Richardson, costume-maker Una Hickey, and filmmaker Conan McIvor. The dancers are Ryan O’Neill, Clara Kerr and Rosie Mullin. The poet Bebe Ashley translated the chosen lines to sign language which formed the basis for development of the movement sequences. Voice-over is by Roisín Gallagher.

This innovative contemporary dance and poetry film has been created in the Armagh Robinson Library, to celebrate its 250th anniversary.

When he died, Archbishop Robinson requested that all his personal correspondence be burned and destroyed. In 2019, the poet Maria McManus ran an international letter-writing campaign to ‘fill the void’ left behind, with new letters. We received hundreds of letters from people of all ages, and from across the globe. The subjects written about included contemporary issues, and also letters to the dead, the lost, the imagined, to the future, to the past, to the inner self, and to public figures. The library has become a home for these new letters in the present, binding the past, the future and the sense of place.

The creative team revisited the correspondence received and, selecting a handful of poignant lines, devised this beautiful homage to the legacy of the ‘healing place of the soul’, celebrating it in poetry, and movement. We explore the theme of ‘binding’ in several ways. – the binding of books, as bonds across time and generations, in the costumes and metaphorically linking corsetry to constraints on women and access to education and expression of the body, written and spoken words. The library is also a character in the film, which was recorded there in July 2021.

Tickets for the film premiere of ‘BIND’ at the Market Place Theatre Studio on Thursday 25 November at 8.30pm are FREE and can be booked online now …..

Project 2021:

5 Books

5 Authors

5 Schools

5 Videos

5 Questions

Project 5 is a joint initiative with Poetry Ireland, that put books in children’s hands!

Comh-thioscadal atá anseo le hÉigse Éireann – Project 5 chuireann leabhair i lámha pháistí!

Project 2021:

STRABANE -poetry & music

A unique performance by poet Maureen Boyle and composer Úna Monaghan.

Listen to the podcast


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Watch the video


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Recorded at the Alley Theatre

Special thanks are due to Derry & Strabane Council staff: Jacqueline Doherty, Jean Smyth, Patrick McCabe, Andrew Orr. Acknowlegements: Alan Hayes, Arlen House Press, Anna Scott-Brown & Adam Fowler, Overtone Productions, Malachi O’Doherty.

Supported by Lottery Funds

Project 2021:

SAME/Difference 2 'The Hearth'

The SAME/Difference project examines the concept of identity, belonging, home, diversity and peace-building, through creative writing and imagery. We have been keen to include people from minority ethnic groups whose first language is other than English and our experienced team of artists supported the group to express creatively both the challenges and enriching perspective of life in a ‘new ground’ and the lived-experience of  ‘home’.

View the second SAME /Difference exhibition of work :

Project 2021:

SOUNDINGS- Poetry of Belfast

Watch the videos of each of the poets reading their work:

Project 2021:

‘Entity / Spéirbhean’

New short film: Entity / Spéirbhean

‘Entity / Spéirbhean’ is a cross-artform short film, bringing together spoken word (Máire Zepf), dance (Clara Kerr) and film (Jo Guthrie). The collaboration takes a fresh look at how women inhabit their bodies across the span of their lives and is a celebration of the beauty of female resilience.
In Irish with subtitles.

Find out more about 'Entity | Spéirbhean’ and view film:



Curation Title: Star Gazing

Till rising and gliding out I wander’d off by myself,

In the mystical moist night-air, and from time to time,

Look’d up in perfect silence at the stars.

From 'When I Heard the Learned Astronomer' by Walt Whitman.

This edition of poems for Poetry Jukebox is curated by poets Iggy McGovern & Maria McManus. The curation explores poems that connect with any aspect of star gazing, from constellations to comets, from stardust to space shuttles, from Dark Matter to Darth Vader, from Black Holes to Mission Control …

Project 2020-1:

Play Me a Story/ MO CHEOL THÚ!

Cadé mar a insíonn tú scéal trí mheán an cheoil? Chuir Máire ceist ar a cuid cairde i gCeolfhoireann Uladh chun fáil amach!

How do you tell a story through music?  Máire has been finding out exactly that with a little help from her friends in the Ulster Orchestra!


Find out more!

Project 2020:


View the SAME/Difference Project

Ongoing Project


Head of Literature at the Arts Council Damian Smyth talks about the importance of Poetry Day and the Label-Lit Project.

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‘A life of diversity is like a future of rich brocade.’