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Project 2020:

Play Me a Story/ MO CHEOL THÚ!

Cadé mar a insíonn tú scéal trí mheán an cheoil?Chuir Máire ceist ar a cuid cairde i gCeolfhoireann Uladh chun fáil amach!

Ar mhaith leatsa do scéal féin a chluisint fríd an cheol? Mar tá muid ag lorg scéalta (agus pictiúirí) ó pháistí don togra seo, le go gcumfaidh na ceoltóirí ceol fána gcoinne.

How do you tell a story through music?  Máire has been finding out exactly that with a little help from her friends in the Ulster Orchestra!

How would you like to hear your story told through music? Because we are looking for children’s stories (with pictures) that the musicians can compose music to. 

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Project 2020:


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Head of Literature at the Arts Council Damian Smyth talks about the importance of Poetry Day and the Label-Lit Project.

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